About Us

We've been helping small business owners grow for over three decades, and we never stop growing ourselves.

  • Point One


    The E-Myth Academy was founded by Michael Gerber and Thomas Travisano in San Mateo, California. The partners had a vision to create an affordable (and scalable) education program that taught business management skills to struggling entrepreneurs. The E-Myth Revisited becomes the 5th best selling business book of all time.

  • Point Two

    June 2011

    A New Start
    EMyth brings in a new management team. Our first priority was to transform the corporate culture - to open up the space for a new kind of pride in what we do. This created opportunities for innovation and evolution in a company that had become too bureaucratic over the years.

  • Point Three

    October 2011

    The Move
    We relocated the company to Ashland, Oregon. After several decades in the San Francisco Bay Area, EMyth found a new home on Main Street. While our clients are businesses at all stages and sizes, the opportunity to center ourselves in a small town gives us a way to connect to the experience of other small and mid-size business owners in a new way.

  • Point Four

    December 2011

    The Autopsy
    We knew we had unscalable and antiquated systems and a demoralized culture. We brought in business technology strategists to give us options. What if we could reimagine our business - with no constraints of time, money or people - who could we become? We started laying the groundwork for using technology to amplify our message in an entirely new way.

  • Point Five

    May 2012

    Breaking Ground
    The new management team launches EMyth Reimagined and forms two internal working teams called Eden and Earth. The Eden team sets out to imagine and formulate a new vision for our product platform - how do we deliver our service in 2012 and beyond? The Earth team assesses and develops each iteration based on available technology, resource constraints, and of course, cost.

  • Point Six

    July 2012

    The Rollout
    We start the process of rolling "EMyth Reimagined" out by consolidating our product line, previewing changes through video and an in-depth article series. We begin the process of migrating our CRM to Salesforce, our billing platform to Zuora, and begin the development of the new emyth.com.

  • Point Seven

    Fall 2012

    EMyth Reimagined goes live. It begins with the official launch of our new website, followed by the release of our digital coaching platform, and the first New Coach Intensive to expand our resources to serve more clients. We complete the first phase of our technology transformation, ending an incredible year of changing how we do business, and then sharing that with you.

  • Point Eight

    2013 and beyond

    Continued Evolution
    We're already thinking about which additional components to add to the next release of the coaching app, how we'll bring our service out to our markets, and filling out our team to support the growth we expect in the years to come.

Leadership Team

Meet our management team

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From a variety of professional and personal backgrounds, we’re united by a vision that dissolves the split between work and life. We each have our own stories of success and heartache in business, and we bring those with us every day. Our passion is to help people change how they feel and think about their business. Our goal is that each business we have the privilege of working with is made palpably better according to the values of the people who own it and work there. Our dream is that the growing community of EMyth’d businesses becomes a force for change in the U.S. and global economy. Our approach to that dream is one business owner at a time. Our commitment is to always be working on ourselves, so that we’re never teaching something we haven’t first embodied.

Gail Frahm

Chief Executive Officer

“My life is dedicated to the real, to making room for those precious moments in life when pretense unceremoniously slips away and something truly alive emerges. This is where my passion for working with the owners and operators of small businesses comes from: finding new and better ways of helping them uncover more of the real in themselves and transporting it through the values, culture, systems and the brand they stand for. It’s been a joy for me for over 30 years to support our clients in creating a business that gives them both meaning and financial reward without sacrificing either. That’s my definition of success. I live on the outskirts of Ashland with my husband near the edge of a quiet lake where I love to watch geese fly, eagles land, and the surrounding mountains change with the time of day and the seasons.”

Gail Frahm

Jonathan Raymond

Chief Brand Officer

“I love figuring out how to bring a great idea into reality. Especially when it’s an idea that has the power to truly change our world for the better. From early on in my career, I saw everyone struggling with the same question I was: how do I put myself out in the professional world in a way that feels true to my own heart? I never imagined I’d end up working for a company that cared about helping people actually answer that question. Over the last three years, it’s been my honor to play my part in helping bring EMyth out into the world in some powerful new ways. While it hasn’t been easy, it’s never felt like work. Before EMyth, I worked in a variety of start-up and growing companies in the clean energy, e-commerce, and mobile technology spaces. I live in downtown Ashland, love getting out in the sunshine with my daughter, and working on the set list for a little concert I’m going to give someday.”

Jonathan Raymond

Slade Machamer

Director of Coaching

“What’s most inspiring to me is bringing who I am on the inside out into the world I live in, and supporting coaches and business owners to do the same. I’m dedicated to helping people discover that trying to ‘act’ professionally never feels genuine and real satisfaction lies in the moment by moment relationship between the work they’re passionate about and the customer they’re here to serve. Everyday, I focus on the quality of the conversation between EMyth and our small business community. Questions like, “Does our coaching and training reflect our deepest values?” and, “Are we living what we teach?” lead my ongoing curiosity. My professional background is in technology staffing, consulting sales, training, and management of recruiting teams. I live in the hills above Ashland with my wife and love taking long walks by the ocean, discovering the essence of how people change, and finding that rare red wine.”

Slade Machamer

Teek Sharma

Director of Operations and Technology

“Some of my proudest moments in life have been when I’ve been able to remove an obstacle. Any one obstacle usually contains multiple facets, and it’s in their discovery, and the planning and execution of solutions, that I’ve grown and found much of my purpose and joy in life. I’m thrilled to be in a position at EMyth that allows me to use my life and professional experiences to take on the obstacles of small business owners, as well as EMyth’s, and uncover solutions that truly impact the lives of others. Before joining EMyth, I was a small business owner developing custom, mission-critical software applications for Fortune 500 companies. I’ve also provided technology consulting and financial services to small businesses. I live in Ashland near Lithia Park and enjoy exploring nature with my two kids, photography and playing and listening to music.”

Teek Sharma

Our Location

Our home in Ashland, Oregon

Sunshine and Great Food

Our offices are located in downtown Ashland, Oregon - about halfway between Portland and San Francisco. It's a beautiful 4-5 hour drive from either city or you can fly right into Medford (MFR), which is about 15 minutes away. If you're in town - Ashland is a popular spot if you're traveling on the west coast - please stop by and see us.

Work With Us

We're always looking for new "owners".

our culture

As you can imagine, this is a unique place to work. As a company that stands for some big ideas and sets a high bar for what we mean by self-responsibility, caring and ownership - we are looking for a certain kind of person to work here. Of course you need to meet the skill requirements for the position, but it's more about who you are than what you do. We look at your resume as the start of a conversation about who you are, what you want out of your career here, and how open you are to evolving. Oh, and we have a lot of fun.

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