Executive Coaching & Consulting

Our Unique Approach. Customized for Teams and Larger Organizations.

Management teams

Even if you started with a common vision, over time unity breaks down, conflicts arise. Sometimes, it’s hard to even know where to start to fix it. You need a special kind of Coach who can get everyone in the room, allow all voices, and help you move forward. And of course, you need proven tools to start creating systems to relieve the pressure on everyone.

Peer Groups & Industry Associations

Whether you’re part of an industry association, trade group or franchise organization, you’ve found a group of people who you can talk to. What if you could add EMyth to the conversation? We’ll tailor our program to meet your needs and the size of your group. From live trainings, conference breakouts or private webinars, our trainers can help.

Speaking Engagements

Our executive team and senior trainers are available for keynotes and other presentations, and we specialize in topics concerning leadership, creating a company culture that reflects your values, and humanistic management. We are committed to not being boring. We love to talk, and we’re great at listening to the room and going where the moment calls. And we’re always prepared to weave specific EMyth tools into our presentation if you’re interested.

Leadership Training

If you look back, you’ll see a lot of your success came from your own charisma, your technical skill and your sheer strength of purpose. If you look around, you’ll see that you’ve surrounded yourself with your best and most loyal employees and promoted them into management but that you haven’t given them much if any training in how they should manage. When you start to feel lonely at the top – when nobody seems to be able to “do it like you do” – we can help. We’ll do a comprehensive analysis, we’ll talk to your key people, and we’ll give you a detailed plan for how to turn your managers into leaders. Trust us, they will love you for it.

Tricia Huebner

Board Meetings & Executive Retreats

Isn’t it amazing how it all comes to a head at the Board Meeting? All of the undercurrents, the things that need to get said, the things left unsaid – all there in one room? Our executive team and senior trainers are available to sit in and observe and give you feedback and diagnoses. We’re available to facilitate the meeting itself if you want us to – this can be a great way to find some calm in the storm and move quickly to a new result. And we’re happy to join you for a longer event and guide your team through EMyth processes in real time – to help you relate with each other and the business in a new way.

Talk to one of our advisors to find out more

Can I form an industry coaching group?

Yes. We call them Affinity Groups. You will need to talk with an EMyth Advisor about the structure and working with a coach that specializes in group delivery.

How do I book someone to speak at my conference?

Simply fill out the request form above describing your event and audience and why EMyth. Then someone from our PR group will contact you. If you want a workshop or seminar program, then someone from our training group will contact you.

What do you mean by humanistic management?

Whatever systems, technologies, and goals comprise a great business, it is people who dream them up, set them in motion, and keep them on track. Whether everything works in your business or not depends on the harmony of people and systems and the values that bring them together. Humanistic management begins with recruiting and continues all the way to letting someone go when your values or needs do not match.

Can you tell me more about EMyth's approach?

EMyth management is about knowing your people, what really motivates them, and what's in the way of each employee embodying your brand to the next level. It's not about knowing it once a quarter or whenever something goes wrong but everyday, every moment. That might seem impossible. It's not when you have the right systems in place supported by talented people who care about themselves and their work. Every business challenge and solution can be approached through asking why, what and how in the right moments and in the right ways. And the answers don't just solve today's problems, they are the foundation of your evolving culture.