Technology Specialist


Collaborates with a team of specialists to support EMyth employees and a network of independent business coaches. Main point of contact for all technology needs. Will assist with technology tasks crucial to the functioning of EMyth and EMyth’s partners, respond to operational needs as they arise, and support the growth of EMyth and themselves through dedication to owning their position. Reports to the Technology Manager.

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Rails Developer

About the job.

We’re looking for a developer with Ruby on Rails experience to join our team full-time. You will be working on mission-critical applications for a small Agile team that appreciates and rewards passion and dedication. Currently, we are envisioning the v2 of our main platform and moving towards a service-based architecture, where we use discrete Rails apps and APIs to perform specific duties for internal users and our clients. EMyth, a well known 30+ year old company, is focused on coaching and mentoring small businesses through training, education, and relationship-oriented tools. We’ve helped Otterbox become a $1.5B company and have thousands of clients. The next iteration of our platform will be an integral part of a major growth phase for EMyth and we invite you to participate and grow with us.

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Program Advisor/Salesperson

To love this job you must:

  • Care deeply about the frustrations business owners experience trying to grow their companies
  • Be willing to challenge business owners to look honestly at themselves and their businesses
  • Carefully and competently sit with other people’s deepest feelings, hopes and fears
  • Deliver results by inviting prospects to recognize they need help to get to where they want to go

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