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Find out if EMyth Coach Training Is Right for You

1. Presentations 2. Workshops 3. Community 4. Leadership

At Immersion, you’ll use our core processes to get a personal experience of our curriculum. You’ll have in-depth conversations with our Senior EMyth Coach Trainers and Leadership Team. We’ll be open about any questions you may have, and make sure you get valuable feedback. Our event is designed so you’ll learn how to transform client frustrations into solutions and walk away with insights that you can take back to your existing business. It’s also an opportunity to decide if EMyth Coach Training is right for you.

Michael kaplan
“When I attended Immersion, I had already been coaching for several years. I had no intention of becoming an EMyth Coach. But after meeting everyone, and hearing and experiencing the EMyth philosophy, I said to myself—I’ve found my people, my community.” Michael Kaplan, EMyth Coach

1. Presentations that Inspire You

Our Keynote Sessions introduce the EMyth Perspective from the people living and thriving in it every day. You’ll hear and learn from our Coach Network about EMyth’s innovative approach to sales, marketing, technology, training, curriculum development and more.

2. Workshops You Can Use

You won’t find yourself shifting in your seat with boredom—our practice sessions keep you moving and thinking. You’ll have an experience of what it’s like to coach and be coached. You’ll also hear from members of our Global Coach Network about how they’ve built their own coaching practices.


Toolkit binder

Every business coach could use a few extra ideas in their back pocket. This toolkit gives you some of the basics, and a sneak peek at what you’ll work on at Immersion.

Download the Toolkit

3. A Community that Supports You

The EMyth Coach Network is a global community of independent coaches, from different backgrounds and industries. At our annual Meet the Network dinner, you’ll be able to experience “the heart of EMyth,” and get a glimpse of what it might be like to be a part of the community.


4. Leadership You Can Approach

We’re real people and we focus on developing meaningful relationships—that’s why you’ll be able to meet members of our leadership team, including our CEO, to ask questions or strike up a conversation. We don’t hide behind “corporate” doors and we work hard to be transparent with you every step of the way.


Take the first step. Talk to us to learn more about becoming an EMyth Coach.

Watch a Recap of Our June 2015 Immersion

Dare to Grow Immersion June 2015 Recap

Agenda Snapshot



Enjoy drinks with your fellow attendees, get to know our team and learn what to expect from your experience.


Experience the EMyth Brand

Learn how coaches, technology and tools converge to create an EMyth experience that helps business owners lead with a vision and create the systems that will hold their employees accountable.


Focus on Curriculum and Tools

Find out how the Seven Dynamics and our online Coaching Hub create systems and substance for you and your clients.

Meet the Network

Have dinner and drinks with current members of the EMyth Coach Network.


Engage with Community and Grow

See first-hand the new developments and tools we are building to support you in your practice.

Michelle badejo
“By the end of Immersion, I had made lasting friendships, gotten a renewed sense of purpose and a clearer vision for what my business could be. Amazing.” Michelle Badejo

Take the first step. Talk to us to learn more about becoming an EMyth Coach.

Talk to Us


If I want to become a coach and want to start right now, do I have to wait to come to Immersion?

Yes. Coaching is personal, and we believe that our partnership should be the same—that’s why Immersion is the first step in becoming an EMyth Coach. It’s your chance to get to know us—and our chance to get to know you.

Can I come to Immersion, even if I don’t want to become a coach?

The Immersion experience is designed to give people who are considering joining the Coach Network a chance to experience EMyth—but that doesn’t mean that you can’t come just to learn. Our content and workshops are constructed so that anyone who comes walks away with tools and an approach to coaching that they can implement without joining our network.

What if I want to come to Immersion, but am not ready to join Coach Training immediately?

Coming to Immersion does not mean that you have to join the next training class. You will have up to one year after you attend Immersion to decide to join Training.

Is my ticket to Immersion refundable?

In general, we don't refund Immersion tickets. We put a lot of effort, consideration and resources into facilitating Immersion and building an experience that reflects the care we have for coaches and trainees. Please reach out to us if you’re not certain if this is the right choice for you. We’re always ready to have an honest conversation.

Can I come to Immersion, not do the training and still be an EMyth Coach?

No. Immersion is the first step in our Training Program and to become a Certified Coach you have to come to Immersion, complete the three month Training Program and join the Coach Network.

Are there any prerequisites for coming to Immersion/becoming an EMyth Coach? What type of people become EMyth Coaches?

EMyth Coaches come from a variety of business backgrounds—they’re business owners, executive leaders, coaches, consultants and brand new to the experience. It’s less about your experience and more about what you’ve learned and what your looking for in your coaching practice.