1. Immersion


One-time fee

Up-front cost of coming to Immersion.

2. Training


A down-payment on the full Training program

Includes 54 hours of interactive online training with a small group.


For 12 ½ months

After you finish Training, we’ll spread the rest of your training fee across 12 ½ months as you start to build your Coaching Practice.

3. License Fee


Starts after Training is paid in full

The monthly license fee covers the cost of maintaining all the technology you use, the support of our team, access to our curriculum and participation in advanced trainings.

Have questions? Talk to us to learn more about becoming an EMyth Coach.


Can I pay for the $7,500 Coach Training fee in installments?

Yes, you can pay for Coach Training in 3 monthly installments of $2,550/month.

Can I see a copy of the License Agreement I’ll sign as an EMyth Coach?

There is no contract for Immersion, only if you decide to continue on in our Coach Training program. We’ll send you a copy of that contract prior to the event so you can review it and ask any questions you have about it in person.

Is the $300 License fee ongoing?

Yes. All of our advanced trainings, support and the licenses we will provide you to access our systems are covered by your monthly fee. The tools you’ll have access to are worth over $1300 per month alone. You’ll also benefit from our continued commitment to curriculum development, technology and training, as well as your connection to the Network.

Is there anything NOT included in the $300 License fee?

All of our advanced trainings, support and technology are covered by your monthly fee except for:
Mentoring: Many coaches choose to supplement EMyth support and training by engaging an established coach in the Network as a mentor. These relationships are negotiated between the mentor and coach and aren’t a part of your fee.
EMyth Sponsored Live Events: Attendance at live events such as Immersion and our annual Coach Summit are not included in your license fee. Live events are a fun, dynamic way to grow your practice. They give our coaches a chance to build new partnerships, practice skills, and keep up with the EMyth team.

Can I skip Immersion and go straight into Coach Training?

No, and we promise you wouldn’t want to. Immersion is where it all begins, and is a critical step for you to determine if becoming an EMyth Coach is truly right for you.

Have questions? Talk to us to learn more about becoming an EMyth Coach.