Get the Skills to Coach Business Owners with Confidence

1. Curriculum 2. Engagement 3. Sales 4. Education

Coach training gives you a chance to dig deeper into what it means to be a coach with EMyth. You’ll learn the systems and processes from the inside, so you can infuse them with your own personality when you’re helping clients. Through an interactive education model, you’ll understand our coaching and selling perspective, and get feedback on your progress so you can coach any business owner from any industry.

“I couldn't imagine a better business coach training program. It balances experiential learning with an integrative philosophy. Through it I’ve learned a powerful frame to guide clients. What’s more—the instructors and leaders actually care about my growth, and the growth of my clients.” Rick Snyder, EMyth Coach

1. Curriculum That Works for You—and Your Clients

For more than three decades, we’ve continued to develop curriculum that seamlessly balances people and systems. We have over 50 courses available—everything from Leadership to Marketing to Finance and more. In training, you’ll practice the skills to identify the key issues at hand, pick the right courses and track your clients progress so you can help them stay on top of their goals.

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2. Engagement That Challenges You

EMyth Coach Training balances content with action. Using role play scenarios and case studies, your trainer will facilitate deeper understanding, breakthroughs and confident relationships between you and your training group. You’ll start to apply the EMyth Perspective—preparing you to step easily into our network once training is over.


3. A Sales Process That Still Feels Like You

Selling can be uncomfortable but the EMyth Sales Process provides structure that allows you to be yourself—and get results. It’s designed to help start an honest and structured conversation with a prospective client. In training, you’ll use the process to get to the root of a problem, open doors and offer value without a hard sell.

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4. Ongoing Education That You Can Use

We know the best coaches are ones who make an investment in their own education. After you’re certified, you’ll get to participate in Advanced Coach Trainings, Advanced Sales Training, marketing roundtables and mentoring. At the annual Coach Summit you’ll have opportunities to collaborate with your peers and find out about the major EMyth initiatives for the year.

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Talk to us about the Coach Training Program.

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Talk to us about the Coach Training Program.


How am I assessed during my coaching training?

You will get consistent feedback throughout training. Around the 8th week, you’ll participate in a formal assessment, in which you’ll enact a role play with our Director of Coaching. You’ll need to attend at least 80% of the training sessions in order to be fully certified.

How many hours a week will I need to commit to coaching training to complete it in three months?

You’ll be in session 4½ hours a week (3 x 90 minute sessions). In addition, you’ll spend 5–10 per week hours reading and watching training videos in preparation for each session.

Is it possible to complete the course in less than three months?

No. Most of the training time is spent in role-play and case-study work and it is the shortest possible time we can get you ready for the hard work of coaching your clients.

Do you limit the amount of coaches in a geographical area?

Most coaching is delivered via the internet and over the phone so geographical proximity to clients and other coaches is not an issue. This is not a ‘territory’ type of business, in fact we see coaches finding a nice synergy with others who are nearby.

How will I learn?

We start with the agenda but you fill in the gaps. The best learning happens when coaches challenge each other and work together inside and outside of training sessions.