A Meaningful Career,
a Balanced Lifestyle

What it Takes to Build a Thriving Coaching Practice

1. Partnership 2. Resources 3. Development 4. Community

Standing out as an independent coach is tough. Having EMyth—the original small business coaching company—to back you up gives you a real advantage in the market. We’ve built a world-class coaching infrastructure so you can focus on what’s important—helping your clients and growing your practice.

“I think being a part of the ECN is worth its weight in gold. Like anything else, you have to work it. You have to spend time building it, and put in your sweat, but it's worth everything you put into it.” Rachel Clark, EMyth Coach

1. A Partnership You Can Rely On

At EMyth, we work hard to make sure that your experience—and your clients—reflects our value of care at every touchpoint. That’s why we have a full staff dedicated to supporting you in the ways you need. That includes:

A Finance and Support team to handle all of your billing, administration, and technical support—and ensure that you and your clients feel our commitment with each interaction.

A Marketing team focused on expanding the reach of our trusted brand—giving you a solid foundation to stand on.

A Development team working to build and improve the online experience you share with your clients.

A Coaching team that’s invested in your development as a coach and your continued education.

EMyth Coaching Hub

2. Tools That Make It Easy

We want you to be focused on building relationships with your clients—not bogged down with the details. To keep it simple, we provide:

A complete Customer Relationship Management system that’s integrated with our sales process.

Our online Coaching Hub, which makes it easy for you to build a plan for your clients and help keep them accountable to their goals.

A full support system and team to take care of all your billing and administration.

3. Business Development that Reflects Your Values

We want you to be successful—which is why we will continue to support you by giving you tools to help you stand out in the market. From creating events you can use to build awareness to designing regular content offers you can send to your contacts to help you with your lead generation.


4. A Community You Can Trust

As an EMyth Coach, you’ll not only have the benefits of being your own boss, you’ll also be part of a global network of coaches that brings diversity and knowledge to the table. Our online tools and resources give you a space to share ideas, ask questions and get advice while building partnerships. At the annual Coach Summit you’ll get to meet face-to-face, have fun and continue building relationships with the people in your coaching community.

Summit collage

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