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About Me

Matt prides himself on his ability to connect with his clients and keen sense of problem solving. With a background in Sales and Business Development, Matt's experience comes from his career in Professional Sports, most recently in Major League Baseball. A small business owner himself, he has been a key piece in a number of successful start-ups, ultimately playing a large role in his connection with his clients and understanding of the pressures they endure. As a husband and father of twin boys, Matt recognizes the importance of a work-life balance.

About EMyth Coaching

Your business is an ecosystem—a living thing made up of people and processes. And there’s a lot that goes into getting it right. With the right combination of mentoring, tools, and systems, you’ll start to have a different experience of running your business day-to-day: one that never leaves the personal behind.

I will be your guide through the EMyth process to help you discover—or rediscover—your passion for what you do, build a business that extends that passion out to your employees, and meets your customers with an experience you’ll be proud of, every time.

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