A Real Conversation

An EMyth Coaching session is a real conversation with a real person. No business speak or complicated jargon. Just a chance to get clear on what’s working in your business, what isn't, and what we can do to help.

Our Personal Matching Process

While every EMyth coach is trained in the same methodology, in the end it’s a personal relationship that has to feel right. It’s a mix of tangible and intangible factors, and we take great pride in getting it right. We’ll hand-select a coach from our global network, using all the information at our disposal and a healthy dose of intuition.

The Roadmap for Your Business

Great coaching is a constant balancing act between making sure you get help with the most pressing issues and keeping yourself focused and accountable for long-term change. It takes a coach who looks with the right eyes, but one who is backed up by a flexible curriculum that can go wherever is needed.

A Values-Driven Curriculum

Our approach is based on a simple idea: a business is a reflection of its owner. That’s why we start with courses designed to help you do things like clarify your values, write your three-year vision and solidify your brand commitment. It’s about changing the conversation that’s happening in your business, and building a complete set of systems from there to scale and grow.

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= Courses you can work on without a coach in our Self-Paced program.

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Noble Coffee - EMyth Client Story

Aquatic Solutions

Aquatic Solutions - EMyth Client Story

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