About This Course

When it comes to your brand, maybe you have a logo and website. Maybe you think building a brand is really for the big guys and you just don’t have the time. The thing you don’t realize yet is that everything in your business—how you market, how you sell, how you deliver—is all tied to the brand story your business tells every day. It’s the colors you use, the way your employees interact with potential buyers and how your customers feel when they buy from you. Great brands don’t happen by accident. They require careful planning and orchestration to provide the same seamless, consistent experience to your market again and again.

In this course, you create your Brand Objective Statement—essentially the vision for your brand. What your customers experience in their interactions with your business—with your employees, your website, your products or your store—is what makes your brand real for them. This is where you define what those experiences need to be.

Course Results:

  • Learn what makes up a great brand
  • See how everything in your business is tied to your brand
  • Create a brand objective that tells a story