About this Video

Whether you make chocolate bars or advise business owners, you've got a story to tell.

Free video for business coaches and consultants.

With Jonathan Raymond and Bernadette Jiwa, Best-Selling Author & Brand Story Specialist.

While professional business coaches are talented at teaching business owners about how to improve their business, the professional business coaching industry hasn’t done a stellar job of branding itself. The presenters will draw on lessons from EMyth's proprietary coaching curriculum to educate coaches and consultants on a variety of branding topics ranging from creating an effective brand promise to finding your distinct voice and how best to amplify it.

In this free video, you'll learn:

  • How unclear branding is holding you back more than you know
  • Best practices and data that address the challenges of differentiating your coaching practice
  • Why the purpose of marketing and brand storytelling is to be believed, not just noticed
  • How to approach blogging and social media in the right way for your practice
  • That part of attracting your tribe is being willing to alienate some people
  • Why people buy business coaching and when they are ready