About This Course

You’ve experienced it before—you’ve seen a product and without even thinking about it, you know who made it. You’ve walked into a store and felt what makes them different—even if you can’t put it into words. You’ve experienced companies with a brand identity, and they got there by consciously and continuously evaluating who they are. Positioning happens constantly, whether you’re aware of it or not. In your business, you don’t want this to happen by accident. You want people to think the best of you, in ways that are specific and meaningful.

This course is designed to help you define the place you want your business to occupy in the hearts and minds of your customers and in your market. You’ll learn how you can determine your standing among your competitors and strategize about how to make a reasonable and unique promise you can make good on. In the end, you’ll have a market-friendly positioning statement, an internal positioning strategy, and a slogan that unifies and focuses your brand for both your employees and your customers.

Course Results:

  • Understand why finding your own voice is so crucial to building your brand
  • Learn to identify what is truly different about your business
  • Gain a sense of focus with respect to your brand and voice