About this Video

Discover the lynchpin between personal values and business results.

Presented by: Jonathan Raymond and Adam Traub

Do you know why your best customers come back? Why they do or don't tell their friends? It's of course the same reason you shop where you do. It's not really about the price, though of course that matters. It's not really about the specific 'features' or 'benefits' your product or service offers, though of course those matter to. It's about how it feels–things like trust, warmth, feeling cared for–that's what makes up the experience of your brand. And getting this right, from the ground-up makes all the difference. It's what the EMyth Brand Commitment process is all about:

In this video, you'll learn:

  • The connection between your company values and your customers' experience
  • How to create a powerful and simple rallying cry–your unique brand commitment–for your staff to come back to when making decisions big and small
  • A way to measure your company progress over time against your brand goals