About This Course

Have you ever walked into a business and immediately felt like you were in the wrong place? Your subconscious mind picks up on information from your senses long before your conscious mind makes a rational decision. This is why the most successful businesses put so much effort into brand expression consistency.

When you think about your design, your look and feel must appeal to your customers and consistently reinforce your brand idea and promise—or else you’re missing a fantastic opportunity to negotiate a sale with the very customers who want and need what you’re selling. In this course, you’ll create a strategy to hone and reinvent your image and sensory package—so that you’re doing everything you can to communicate your brand in tangible ways—through sights, sounds, smells and sensation.

Course Results:

  • Learn how to align your look and feel with your brand
  • Explore every area of your business to create a cohesive and consistent image
  • Identify and prioritize changes to your look and feel