About This Course

Do you know how to attract the right customers? Are you struggling to retain customers you already have? It’s easy to spend money in the wrong places when it comes marketing–and these days just being on social media and running a few ads won’t cut it. Without a solid understanding of what drives your customers, you’ll be stuck in an ongoing process of trial and error–and you’ll never get the results you want out of your marketing system.

In this course, you'll determine your “marketing mix”—the combination of marketing activities and techniques you use to attract new customers. You'll also develop a strategy for how to to express your brand through all of your business activities, from marketing to sales to delivery. At the end, you’ll have a plan for delivering a seamless experience of your brand, where the customer experiences the delivery of your promise at every touchpoint in their relationship with you.

Course Results:

  • Learn how to retain customers
  • Create a plan for customer satisfaction
  • Develop your “marketing mix”