About This Course

Does your product or service deliver the same standard every time? The relationships you have with your customers hinge on their satisfaction with the product or service you deliver to them. For many small business owners, it’s a constant struggle to ensure that the quality stays the same over time and that your employees follow up with customers in the same way. But getting this part right is what will elevate you to the top of your market.

In this course, you’ll learn the systems that can help you get the quality you want. You’ll examine your personal commitment to excellence, determine your overall quality strategy and identify your leverage points. You’ll define quality indicators and strategize about the systems you need in order to ensure you deliver on your promise every time, so your customers want to come back for more.

Course Results:

  • Create a real-time quality control system
  • Discover the essence of excellence and see how quality is its outcome
  • Learn how to identify the quality attributes that matter most to your customers