About This Course

Are you constantly troubleshooting with unsatisfied customers? Customer service is an important part of your customers’ experience and how they perceive your brand. Think of the last time a business went above and beyond their promise to serve you. How did that feel? How memorable was it? How many people did you tell? Customer service is your chance to give customers what they recognize as added value for their money, and it goes a very long way.

It’s impossible to create a system that will address every issue 100% of the time, but in this course you’ll learn how to anticipate the most probable situations. You’ll create a system for predictable customer service scenarios and train your people how to address the unpredictable ones. You’ll shop your competition and your own business, and draw on past experiences to identify the best opportunities to give customers a positive impression they’ll never forget.

Course Results:

  • Learn customer service best practices
  • Create a system for the most probable situations
  • Train your employees for unpredictable scenarios