About This Course

Have you ever stopped to think about what your customers are really looking to buy? You probably know your product or service better than anyone, and that serves you very well. But there’s a downside: the better you know your product, the harder it is to see it the way your customers see it. They have perceptions and needs that may not have occurred to you, and you need to know what they are.

This course is about understanding the experience you truly sell, and taking a step back from everything you know so you can see it in a new way. You’ll take a fresh look at your product through the lens of what it could be. It’s a creative process that will help you determine what’s truly possible and develop a strategy to move towards it. The result is the basis for continuous improvements that will make you a powerful competitor in your marketplace and more attractive to people looking for your product or service.

Course Results:

  • Learn the importance of viewing your entire customer experience as your product
  • Identify potential innovations that will delight customers
  • Gain insight into your competitor’s products so you stay ahead of the competition