About This Course

You know how critical cash is to your business, and you probably also know that cash and profit are not the same thing. But you probably don’t have an actual cash plan—and without one, you can’t effectively manage what are always limited resources. A cash plan shows you the relationship between expected receipts and committed obligations so that you can make daily decisions about how to best allocate your resources. Sometimes, the very survival of your business depends of this kind of informed decision-making.

This course will help you design and implement a cash plan that supports your company’s cash objectives. Whatever your circumstances, it’s a vital part of your financial management system. You’ll be able to make real-time decisions about where to spend money, reducing overwhelm and stress. Going forward, you’ll always know how much real money you have ready and accessible to use at any given moment. Once you’re using your cash plan, you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

Course Results:

  • Understand the difference between making a profit and cash availability
  • Discover ways to improve the cash power in your business
  • Create a plan to proactively manage cash