About this Video

With Tricia Huebner and Jefferson Duval, EMyth Certified Business Coach

Have you ever seen one of your employees emulate your own behavior with customers, suppliers, or others at your company? You were probably elated if the behavior was what you want, part of your vision, or frustrated if it wasn't the experience you want to create. This 'system' begins with you defining your values, so that there's a cry your company can rally to. If your employees aren't meeting your standards, the first place to look is here.

Your company values are an essential piece of your business strategy. Your business is an expression of you, and creating clear company values is about making this intentional. Your brand, the way you serve your customers, the way you deal with problems, who you hire, and everything else is an expression of your values. Many business frustrations can be tied to lack of clarity and communication of these values, and so creating your company values can solve many issues with a great deal of leverage.

You will learn:

  • How to write your values in a powerful way that creates change
  • How to use values to form the foundation for business growth (and the surprising data that supports this)
  • How to inspire (instead of control) your employees using your values

Written Values were identified as one of the nine components of the “ownership stack” in the State of the Business Owner research. Companies that implemented this best practice improved their odds of meeting profit targets by 6%. Join this video and install this missing piece in your business this month.