About this Video

With Melinda Lawson, EMyth Certified Business Coach, Lawson Advanced Business Solutions,
and Ben Ostergaard, EMyth.

Do your employees care as much about your business as you do?
Could they communicate what you expect from them?
Does everyone in the business have a clear picture of the results they're accountable for?

If you're like most business owners, you probably can't answer a consistent and confident "Yes!". This video is all about helping you get there, by introducing you to some powerful EMyth ideas and tools to build what we call a "Culture of Ownership".

A culture of ownership is one where your people know what is expected of them, create the results you want, and work toward the realization of your vision–because they truly own their position and their accountabilities. Employees are supported to perform their work with excellence, and constantly ask if there is a better way to get things done, creating a culture of continuous improvement.

A Position Agreement is driven by the your vision for the business, by the systems the business operates and by the organizational strategy. Every Agreement describes how each position’s results contribute to the company’s overall success. Position Agreements are written contracts between managers and the people who report to them. They are grounded in mutual respect and a clear understanding of what competencies are required.

Join us to learn how to create position agreements that work. Continue the journey towards building a company culture that recruits, hires, trains, and retains loyal individuals that support your ability to grow, thrive, scale and realize your vision.