About This Course

You have a feel for your business. You pay attention to your customers, and notice what hits and what misses. You do the same with your employees. Your suppliers are generally responsive to your orders and requests, or not. Your products or services are in demand, or not. Thriving or not, you know what’s going on. But how much do you really know and how accurate is your information? Are your personal observations enough?

Your goals are only as important as your willingness to stay the course. If you get distracted, most of the time you’ll diminish the likelihood of reaching a goal. The best way to stay on top of your goals is to create key strategic indicators to help you stay on track, giving you a way of regularly measuring your progress. With these measurements, you can track your progress toward your vision, course correct and plan along the way. It’s a powerful way to break your vision down into measurable segments and communicate expectations to your employees so they can own and deliver on their responsibilities.

Course Results:

  • Learn what kinds of progress are important to measure
  • Create a system to track the intangible elements of your business
  • Start planning your progress to reach your vision