About this Video

What if your primary job as a business leader is to create a place for others to find meaning? What if that also happens to be the most effective way to grow revenues and increase margins?

Your people are dying for higher standards, not lower or supposedly more “compassionate” ones. They just need you to go first. Join EMyth’s Jonathan Raymond for a provocative discussion on entrepreneurial leadership.

Everyone’s talking about transparency, the need to inspire employees, emotionally connecting with your customers. But how do you actually do that today? Let’s start by getting clear on what’s in the way–so you can start leading on purpose instead of by default.

  • How do you embody leadership–not just with what you say–but with who you are?
  • Learn the difference between transparent confidence that inspires and “nice guy” tactics that actually undermine performance.
  • See how redefining ownership, self-responsibility and caring could radically change how you think about growing your business.
  • Imagine what it would be like if your business was someplace where employees really cared, when your competitors are just going through the motions.

You’ve already succeeded getting to where you are–now there’s a new challenge to lead your people and your company to a better future. What’s really in the way of becoming the leader you know you have in you? It’s not a new strategy or management tool, it’s about getting real. And finding out how that is the thing that will bring your team together and your business vision into reality.