About this Video

We've said "Your business is a reflection of you" for decades. But what can you do with that? This isn't about beating yourself up, it's about understanding and accepting yourself to become a better leader. All businesses have dysfunction: the issue is your relationship to dysfunction. Do you invest resources to work ON it or do you work around it?

  • Discover your unique strengths and explore how they show up as weaknesses
  • See how your frustrations have a common theme that can be addressed wholesale
  • Learn how to promote business growth by un-doing things that don't work, rather than doing new doings

You already know implementing systems is critical. Dysfunctions are the invisible systems that need to be un-implemented to make way for the new ones. This video will present the nine Dysfunctional Business Themes and empower you to diagnose and address deep, underlying themes in your business that affect everything. Maybe you're already working on developing systems. You won’t want to miss this part of the equation: You.