About this Video

"As the CEO, you should have the fewest emails in your inbox, the fewest papers on your desk and almost never be the one who puts out today's fire. To the untrained observer, and to the 'hard working' part of you, the part of you who thinks you lead by example with your output, this looks like the worst kind of laziness. It's actually a huge accomplishment."

–Jonathan Raymond, EMyth

Running a business takes so much clarity, determination and strength that you cannot afford to be overwhelmed. You are very likely compromising business results because of disorganization.

The good news is that you can change this. Overwhelm is an unhealthy way of relating to work that most of us got used to as "normal." It only looks like it's the result of external forces. And of course you need some practical tools to change things.

  • Stop the pattern of unstarted or unfinished projects that are a constant drain, even when you're not working on them.
  • Discover some powerful techniques to reset yourself throughout the day to free you up for high-level strategic work.
  • See how self-organization is an ongoing process, not about being perfect.
  • Debunk the myth of multi-tasking–and how lack of focus erodes your ability to lead.

You can make major strides here over time, but even a small improvement in this area will have a profound effect on your colleagues, staff, and on your own well-being. How can you afford not to make time for that?