About this Video

Presented by: Adam Traub and Rachel Clark, EMyth Certified Business Coach

It's not hard to imagine how your business could be better than it is today–in big and small ways. But how do you go about putting those ideas into reality? How often do you 'go back to the drawing board' or change course on a plan you thought was solid?

The hardest part is taking your written vision (and writing it down in the first place) and then planning and implementing it down to the operational and tactical realities of the day-to-day. This video will help you put the system in place to accurately and consistently track your progress along the way. Vision drives data, and data helps you refine that vision over time.

Bring your written vision to the video, or join us if you just have pieces and parts of it in your head.

In this video, you'll learn:

  • EMyth's best practices on how to clarify and document your vision
  • A system for 'quantifying' your vision so you can truly measure progress toward achieving it
  • How to make the shift from hoping for results to leading with confidence