About This Course

There’s no navel-gazing here. This is ground zero business development work. It’s the heart of our process because values clarity is what’s going to inform every system you create from now on. From how your salespeople pick up the phone, to the way you process refunds to the microcopy on your website—every single element of your business should be a living, breathing expression of what you value. Would you want it any other way? It’s that kind of consistency and confidence that will save you from ever having to say “trust us” again.

Take this course to create your Purpose Statement, the new touchstone for how you’re going to grow your business from here on out.

Course Results:

  • Get clear on what really drives you and why
  • Identify your goals—what you want and, more importantly, what you don’t want in your life
  • Have 3 or more life-changing insights about yourself (actual number may vary)