About this Video

Presented by: Ilene Gail Frahm and Jonathan Raymond

“Values” have gone viral, and not necessarily in a good way. Everybody’s talking about their company values and how much they believe in them, but what does that actually mean? How is it actually relevant to the growth of the business? What do values have to do with profitability? Building a great team? What about your business model itself?

Done right, clarifying your personal values and turning them into business values is the single most important thing you can do to grow your business. It’s also the richest and most personally rewarding work you will ever do as a business owner. It will change your life, have a huge impact on the lives of your staff, and change your customers’ experience in ways you won’t believe.

And you can’t do it on your own. While the process of discovering and clarifying your values is a deeply personal one, you need a way to think about it. And you need outside perspective to challenge you to see just how much your lack of clarity around your values is keeping you from the results you really want.

This video is about helping you create a business that never talks about it’s values, but lives them. Because it’s that transition that makes all the difference.

You’ll learn:

  • How to discover the ‘real thing’: values that are really worth embodying, not just nice sounding words.
  • How to bring your team into the values conversation, and how that will help you answer the age-old question : ‘How do I get my people on board?”
  • How to use your values to breathe life into (or back into) your brand and every single experience your customers have with you.