About This Course

100% of your employee issues result from you not having a clear vision for the business. Okay, maybe it’s 95%. But it’s literally impossible to overstate the value of truly knowing where your business is going. Not where you wish it was, but what it’s actually going to look like, feel like, and perform like three years from today.

We know how hard it is to focus on the big picture with all the fires you’re facing day to day. Maybe you need to do some work on time management and self organization first—that’s fine. But after clarifying your values, this is the next most critical piece to set the foundation for growth in the months and years to come. Your three-year vision will help you do everything from writing better job posts to redesigning your service offerings. And more than anything, it’s the resource you need to say “no” to the things you’re not going to spend time or money on when the temptation arises.

Course Results:

  • Learn the difference between a vision and a mission
  • Create a business vision based in your personal values
  • Share this powerful document to inspire your team