About this Video

The Framework to Achieve Your Vision

Presented by:
Susan Wilhelmsen, EMyth Certified Business Coach
and Ben Ostergaard, EMyth.

"Who owns sales?"
"Who’s accountable for customer care?"
"Who makes sure our financial reports are accurate?"

In many businesses, the answer is often "more than one person." While many parties may participate, responsibility cannot be shared. The 'buck' must stop somewhere, and it can't always stop with the business leader. Do you really want to be the one point of responsibility in your organization? If so, that kind of over-responsibility leads to overwhelm and people dependency.

So what's the answer to employees owning areas of responsibilities? An organizational chart.

An org chart is not something to create and hang on the wall–it's a management tool that defines who the various owners are of key results in your company. How do you create one that works? What are the best practices? How do you share it with your employees? Learn the answers to these questions and more in this powerful management video.