About this Video

Planning is easy.
The hard part is starting.

With Jonathan Raymond and Tricia Huebner

Once you’re actually in the planning process, it’s surprisingly fun. It gives you a chance to ‘look out’, to see the big picture of your business. It’s a time to do two things you rarely do as a business owner. The first is to really let yourself imagine–to remember or dig deeper into your vision–for what you really want the business to be. The second, and this is the art and the challenge for most people, is to figure out how much of that vision you can realistically expect to achieve in the coming year.

Striking that balance is the heart of what we call the EMyth Annual Plan. When we surveyed business owners for our State of the Owner 2013 project, we discovered a huge gap between businesses that had these kinds of plans, and those that didn’t. And the good news is there are some simple steps you can take before the year starts to have a very different and more profitable 2014.

Here’s what you’ll take away:

  • The keys to building a plan that is both strategic and tactical
  • A framework that can move and adapt to unpredicted changes as the year goes on
  • A guide to help you keep yourself and others accountable for results