About this Video

Part of becoming a more effective manager is questioning your assumptions about what management actually is. And while there’s a lot of good writing about important topics like transparency and real delegation, intuition is one of the qualities of a great manager that’s often misunderstood.

Intuition sounds like something for the visionary, for the entrepreneur, but given the speed and volume of data you deal with as a manager, it’s even more more important for you.

You actually use your intuition all the time. When you check in on a project for no apparent reason. When you get a “red flag” for a new hire that otherwise makes sense on paper. We use our intuition and yet we mostly don’t talk about it because a voice inside dismisses it as “not real work”.

And yet, we all know painfully well how much actually unnecessary work we could avoid if we did trust our intuition more.

Join EMyth’s Jonathan Raymond, for a candid discussion on intuition: how it works, how you can grow as an intuitive manager, and the dramatic effect it can have on your time and bottom line.