About this Video

Shouldn't your business coach be better at marketing and customer service than you are?

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With Ben Ostergaard and Jonathan Raymond

Shouldn't business coaches have a great business themselves? How much can they really help you if they're teaching but not doing? And by doing, I mean working on their business the way they say you should be working on yours.

And 'working on' your business means breaking the addiction to focusing on the 'content'–the prices, features and promises you put in your ads. Working on your business is a 'context' thing–it's the journey of turning your whole business into the product–and creating an experience worth talking about.

We've asked ourselves a lot of those kinds of 'context' questions. "What does it feel like to be our client?" "What would the experience be like, if it could be anything?" And we took the time to figure out the role that technology could play in doing everything that we do, better.

Clients often ask what tools and systems we use–and now we want to show you. Come take a look inside–we'd love to show you around.

In this video, you'll:

  • Learn how we built our new cloud-coaching ecosystem and why
  • See how to choose technology for your business based on your core values
  • Get a visual tour of the world's first business coaching platform
  • Get "in the know" on a wide variety of cloud-based services