About this Video

With Adam Traub and Josef Shapiro

The single biggest bottleneck to the growth of your business is your time. Time is your most precious resource because you always have the same amount. You can earn more money, but we all have only twenty-four hours in a day.

Few people manage their time effectively. This is not a problem you solve after growth happens–it's what you solve in order to make growth happen.

Do you go home every day feeling like the things you wanted to accomplish are only half done? Do you get tense when an employee walks into your office with a question, because you just want to be left alone to get work done?

Poor time management inhibits your ability to lead your business. Constant distractions, switching gears, and a feeling of overwhelm make high-level strategic thinking impossible.

There are time management best practices and skills that you probably were never taught. Come to this video and learn what you've likely needed for a long time. Start leveraging your time to serve yourself and your business better!

  • Time-saving techniques to clear your mind and eliminate overwhelm
  • Learn how to delegate effectively in three steps
  • Implement the EMyth system that trains your people to free up your time
  • Get live coaching on your ongoing time and self-management challenges

Time management is a leadership skill you will work on for the rest of your life. Whether you’re interested in growth, more control, or enjoying your business more, it all begins with how you manage your time.