About This Course

An org chart is one of the most overlooked and underutilized tools at your disposal. Maybe that’s because it’s hard to see how a bunch of boxes and lines are going to grow revenues or improve efficiency. But it’s a piece of your Organizational Strategy that can play a key part in achieving your vision.

In this course, you’ll see learn how mapping out your org chart is actually some of the most visionary work you can do as an entrepreneur. It’s a story—a compelling one if you take the time—about what you want your company to look like. Your employees will be more engaged and will really own their responsibilities. And when you start seeing your organization through this lens, this tool will become much more than a chart—it will become your Organizational Roadmap.

Course Results:

  • Learn how to think about your organizational strategy
  • Create an org chart and results statements
  • Learn how to use your org chart to organize work