About This Course

Do you ever feel like you hit a wall communicating with your customers? You know your product or service is what they’re looking for, but for whatever reason, they’re not making a connection with your business. You make little adjustments here and there, but without an intentional and purposeful look into what motivates them, you won’t get the conversion rates you’re hoping for. Understanding what your customers need and expect, their desires and fears, their worldview and how they see your industry comes down to your brand–which enables you to send effective sales and marketing messages.

Through this process, you’ll gather information to understand the personality, values, attitudes, interests and lifestyles of your customers and potential customers. You won’t have to guess: instead, you’ll know who buys from you and why. This process powerfully informs all customer contact points, from marketing to sales to delivery, and gives your employees a deeper insight into who they’re serving.

Course Results:

  • Understand how your customers make decisions
  • Build a customer persona that describes the key characteristics of your ideal customer
  • Learn how purchase decisions are primarily made emotionally