About This Course

You probably have the feeling you should be using social media more to promote your business. The question is, how? Social media is a marketing channel unlike any other. Most of your potential customers are probably active users in some way, but that doesn’t always mean you’ll reach them through this channel. To make the most of your time and marketing resources, you need a social media plan.

The first step is to familiarize yourself with how social media works. Once you’ve done that, this course will guide you to create a carefully-crafted social media strategy, grounded in research about your target market. You’ll also learn how to budget, so you don’t waste money on implementation. Social media doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It just requires careful consideration so that it serves your business effectively.

Course Results:

  • Get familiar with social media for marketing
  • Learn where your customers live online
  • Create a plan for social media in your business