About This Course

When you think about your marketing strategy, does it feel like it’s always hit or miss? Really good marketing is about more than just networking and talking about your product or service. It’s about offering the promise of what your business will deliver in a way that potential customers are moved to take action. It means finding out what they need and presenting what you offer as the solution. The first step is to figure out where your leads are coming from.

In this course, you’ll examine your current lead generation system. How effective is the system you have in place? What’s working and what isn’t? Once you know more about where your leads are coming from, you’ll have a clear path to developing your most successful channels. You’ll also learn the basics of creating a marketing budget and how to quantify the effectiveness of your results. It’s not an exact science, but it’ll give you a firm foundation for evaluating and innovating your lead generation activities.

Course Results:

  • Create a baseline for where you are now
  • Attract better qualified leads
  • Build your marketing budget