About This Course

You know what it’s like to be on a call with a salesperson who is clearly reading off of a script—they’re not engaged, there are long pauses and they accidently skip ahead. It’s probably turned you off from using a script in your sales process. But using a script doesn’t have to leave a bad impression. If it’s done with care, and crafted in a way that really speaks to your customers’ needs, it can open up new opportunities for conversion.

This course introduces scripting as the most effective structural element of a sales presentation. You’ll learn the basics of developing great sales scripts—ones that empower your people to meet your customers’ needs in a real, moving way. It addresses common misunderstandings about sales scripting and shows you how scripts actually free your salespeople to focus their attention on the most important aspect of any sales interaction—their connection with the prospective customer.

Course Results:

  • Discover what selling with integrity means and how it can improve performance
  • Identify the most common questions or concerns and develop responses
  • Create a sales roadmap to provide a structure for your salespeople