About This Course

It takes a lot of energy to generate new leads—they don’t know about your business and there’s a lot of stuff in the marketplace competing for their attention. It’s more expensive, too. You have to find them, get them into a conversation, and over time, convince them you can meet their needs and deliver. For a lot of business owners, it’s easy to forget that their most productive target market is actually existing customers. You should always be examining their buying habits. Are they likely to need your product or service again in the future? When? What is the best way to reach them? How often? There are endless opportunities in the answers to these questions.

In this course, you’ll determine the information you need from your customers and the access points you have with them. With this tool as a framework, you’ll create a strategy to make the most of all possible opportunities to serve your customers. You’ll create a plan for serving them better—and increase your reconversion rate by offering them more of your products or services at the times when they’re most likely to need them.

Course Results:

  • Learn to gather data and create demographic profiles
  • Create a product-market grid that identifies your primary and flanker markets
  • Understand which of your products or services make the most profit