About This Course

How invested is your sales team in really listening to what your customers are asking for? Sales has a bad reputation because it’s too often about the seller. You can always tell when a salesperson actually cares about you and your needs versus the one who doesn’t see you at all and is just trying to make a sale. Great selling is about the customer, giving the customer an experience of being seen and meeting their needs. When that’s true, selling becomes enjoyable for everyone involved.

In this course, you’ll evaluate your current sales process and discover the opportunities for change. You’ll learn the Universal Five Step Selling Process and create a plan to revise your sales process. As you build the foundation for more customer focused sales, the experience for your sales team will shift—they’ll become more engaged. The result is a framework for innovation that increases your conversion rate and sales volume over time.

Course Results:

  • Evaluate your current sales process
  • Discover how sales is not really selling
  • Design a new sales process that’s unique to your brand